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All Inclusive Monthly Tuition 

In order to simplify our families’ financial responsibilities and help with family budgets, Footprints Dance Alliance has an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING system!  This way, we will decrease the number of times you have to dig into your wallet! Sounds great, right?


Like many studio programs, we are combining all the costs up front so that you have ONE PRICE per month that will include:

  • All Weekly Dance Lessons

  • Christmas Production Fee (Fall Semester)

  • Christmas Costume (Fall Semester)

  • Spring Costume (Spring Semester)

  • Spring Production Fee (Spring Semester)

  • Administrative Fees

All students will be required to enroll in our Auto-Pay Program when they register for their Fall classes. This is a very secure system and allows for easy and fast processing without the need for you to pay convenience fees and surcharges. All accounts will be deducted on the 1st of every month. Should your dancer decide that they no longer want to participate in dance classes, you can easily suspend Auto-Pay payments through your Parent Portal. We ask that you give us a 30 day withdrawal notice via email to to let us know that you wish to suspend lessons. Please note that there will be a $35 Decline Fee should your credit or debit card on file be declined.


We hope this allows you to better budget for dance, in that you are no longer having to come up with additional fees during the “most expensive” times of the year such as Christmas, end of the school year activities and summer vacations.  We understand that the end of semester productions, Christmas and Spring, are optional. However, they are a very important aspect of a dance education. Therefore, there will not be any tuition deductions for electing not to participate in the Christmas and/or Spring Productions.

Creative Movement                                                         $90 Per Month


Hip Hop                                                                            $90 Per Month


One Hour Classes                                                           $105 Per Month


Additional Classes/Siblings ( One Hour Classes)        $95 Per Month


Additional Classes/Siblings (Less than One Hour)     $85 Per Month

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