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The Footprints Family Philosophy

Footprints Dance Alliance institutes a whole child approach to your students' dance instruction while ensuring that your dancer is in a family friendly and age appropriate environment. From the moment you walk through the door, your dancer will be cherished, loved and cared for by a compassionate Dream Team member. The progression of dance training and character development of your dancer is your Dream Team member's greatest goal. We would like to welcome your family home to Footprints Dance Alliance "Where Passion Finds Purpose!" We look forward to dancing with you all very soon!

Primary  Program

Students in the Primary Program will have the option to participate in the annual Christmas and Spring Productions. 

At 6 years of age, Primary Program students may be given an invitation and/or be selected to audition for the Footprints Company.  Students who are not interested in being a part of the Footprints Company may continue into the Secondary Program once they turn 8 years old.  


Creative Movement  (Ages 2-3)

45 minutes

30 minutes Pre-Ballet Technique

15 minutes Pre-Tap Technique


Prep I (Ages 4-5)

1 Hour

30 minutes Ballet Technique

30 minutes Tap Technique


Prep II (Ages 6-7)

1 Hour

20 minutes Ballet Technique

20 minutes Tap Technique

20 minutes Jazz Technique

PreCompany Combo

*Based on Instructor Recommendation*

Students will be considered for the following year's Company

20 minutes of Ballet Technique

20 minutes of Tap Technique

20 minutes of Jazz Technique


Hip Hop (3rd Grade and Up)

45 Minutes of Beginning Hip Hop Technique

Musical Theater (3rd Grade and Up)

45 Minutes of Musical Theater Jazz Technique


Broadway Basics

This class is the perfect way to prepare for auditions, or to dust off your dance shoes and return to the studio! 

Musical Theater Jazz and Musical Theater Tap Technique

Ages 16 an Up ONLY! 

Thursday 7:45-8:45 PM

$20 per Drop In Class

Footprints Company

This program requires an audition and/or invitation due to a significant time and financial commitment.  They will have several opportunities to attend/participate in performances and conventions. 

*Please email us at for more information on this program*


Genesis (Ages 6-9 Based on Skill Level))

Alpha (Ages 9-12 Based on Skill Level)

Omega (Ages 11 and Up Based on Skill Level)

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