The Footprints Family Philosophy

Footprints Dance Alliance institutes a whole child approach to your students' dance instruction while ensuring that your dancer is in a family friendly and age appropriate environment. From the moment you walk through the door, your dancer will be cherished, loved and cared for by a compassionate Dream Team member. The progression of dance training and character development of your dancer is your Dream Team member's greatest goal. We would like to welcome your family home to Footprints Dance Alliance "Where Passion Finds Purpose!" We look forward to dancing with you all very soon!

Footprints Family Core Values

The core values of a Footprints Dance Alliance Family Member are defined by the acronym L-I-G-H-T. All of the Footprints Family members are encouraged to be a LIGHT for the community and for their fellow Footprints Family members, 


A Footprints Dancer exhibits loyalty to others by holding them accountable and standing by their side.


A Footprints Dancer exhibits integrity by using discernment to make wise decisions even when it might not be popular or easy. 


A Footprints Dancer exhibits generosity by believing in giving to others without the expectation of receiving.


A Footprints Dancer exhibits humility by understanding that winning is not important. However, when you impact your audience and community through dance everyone wins. A Footprints Dancer is part of a greater purpose than trophies and awards.



A Footprints Dancer exhibits tenacity by giving their best effort both in the studio and in their community. This includes being a good student, citizen and team member.